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3Gear Systems releases SDK for advanced Kinect hand-control

by Alistair Lowe on 4 October 2012, 11:45

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It appears as though there's no end to hacks for Microsoft's Kinect depth sensing camera. Latest to crop-up is 3Gear System's SDK allowing for two of the devices to work in tandem to provide accurate hand manipulation.

What makes 3GS's release stand-out the not only the finger precise accuracy and responsiveness of the solution, but also its feeling of completeness. Whilst many Kinect hacks are often a challenge to work, 3GS provides simplified instructions on its website and an SDK for simpler integration into 3rd party packages.

The hardware itself costs < £300 and involves the purchase of a metal frame, some mounts and two Kinects. The software is free to download during the beta period (which ends November 30th) and will remain free for education or firms with earnings under $100,000, so there's no worry of investing in a tech, only to be priced out of the market at a later date.

Should the SDK be adapted to popular software packages, we can see this becoming somewhat successful, at least within certain segments of industry.

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Holy Gosh, more cables? Can't they just re-use our surround sound systems?