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Nehalem dominates Dell server launch event

by Scott Bicheno on 25 March 2009, 15:43


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Hitting the competition for six?

Dell gathered enterprise technology journalists from all over Europe at the Oval cricket ground in London to tell us all about its 11th generation (11g) of server and workstation products and services.

A total of 14 new products and six services were unveiled, but the most eye-catching comments have concerned the processor these will be running on - Intel's long awaited Nehalem-based server CPUs, the Xeon 5500 family.

Richard Curran, the EMEA director of the digital enterprise group at Intel (blurrily pictured below), was invited on-stage at the presentation and he got straight to the point. "This is the best processor you'll ever see entering the market," he said.

Curran also mentioned a new built-in power management feature and, while acknowledging that we're living in "tough times", reckoned that if you buy these latest Nehalem based Dell products you'll recoup that investment within eight months.

Dell also invited Paul Calleja - director of HPC at Cambridge University - and Patrick Pulvermueller - MD of Host Europe - both of whom effused about Dell's 11g servers and their Nehalem brains.