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Target Components becomes exclusive UK distie for Biostar motherboards

by Scott Bicheno on 7 August 2008, 13:00

Tags: Biostar

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Aiming high

Target Components is traditionally best known to the independent retailer and reseller communities, but recently it has been expanding beyond its comfort zone. The latest manifestation of this is the announcement that it is now the exclusive distributor of Biostar motherboards in the UK.

Market development director Randall Pevin spoke exclusively to HEXUS.channel to tell us more about the deal and about developments at Target in general. “The Biostar deal is another example of us looking to broaden our product range. Biostar motherboards are continuously getting really good reviews but are still low priced so there’s really good value to be had.”

Speaking to Biostar recently, its message has consistently been the increasingly common “bang for buck” argument, i.e. the best performance per pound spent. It seems that Biostar has been distributed by Target for a while, so this news concerns the exclusivity of the arrangement.

We asked Pevin why he thinks Biostar chose Target over other disties. “I think the reason they made that decision is the brand strategy we created for them,” he said. “They probably also viewed us as a distributor that’s going forward.”

Why would they think that? “This year Target has been a lot more pro-active in creating awareness of ourselves outside of our core market,” said Pevin. “This is a process we’re still in the middle of.”