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JDI announces Full Active Display with slim bezels to all 4 edges

by Mark Tyson on 10 August 2016, 14:01

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Mobile devices boasting of the slimmest bezels are often referring only to the left and right sides of the screen. The upper bezel can usually also be shrunk to a similar thinness but most manufacturers use one side bezel for cramming in all the requisite supporting circuitry, to keep the screen as thin as possible. Furthermore, on a smartphone, it is desirable to have some upper and lower front bezel space for speakers, microphones, cameras, and various sensors.

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has just announced a new type of display which it dubs a 'Full Active Display'. This new display has slim bezels to all four sides of the screen. The first JDI product using its new Full Active Display technology is a 5.5-inch Full-HD LCD display for smartphones.

A little background information to the new JDI technology is provided. The firm says that its minimal four-sided bezel design was achieved "by adopting a new high-density wiring layout, and new processing and module assembly technologies". Despite the utility value of bezels on smartphones, JDI says that it expects its newly designed panels to facilitate smartphones that are nearly the same size as the display size and that "entirely new smartphone products," will be produced using these displays next year. It is noted that mass production of the Full Active displays will begin by the end of March 2017.

As a footnote, JDI says that it will develop Full Active LCD displays for products other than smartphones. Perhaps the technology will be used in PC monitors, laptops, tablets and so on.

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Perfect, a screen I will accidentally press buttons on and cover parts of no matter how i hold it.
Perfect, a screen I will accidentally press buttons on and cover parts of no matter how i hold it.

I have got to agree with you there, I don't have fat fingers yet I still manage to get mine quite often when I have it in landscape. I suspect that a phone with this screen will cause you to hit the bottom android buttons annoyingly often.

This also means no front camera (which I don't mind) or speakers (which I do).

I really cannot see this being picked up widely.
I really cannot see this being picked up widely.

It would be quite useful for desktop monitors intended to be used in multi-display systems. Focusing on phones seems like a waste.
Phone first cos it's where the big cash is…
I suspect Apple will be all over this because minimalism.
Remember their 1-button mouse?