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SonicWALL stresses commitment to the channel

by Scott Bicheno on 11 November 2008, 08:00

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All in it together

SonicWALL has been around for 18 years, through most of which it has been a firewall appliance maker. Latterly it has diversified through acquisitions into email security, SSL VPN, continuous data protection and unified threat management.

All of its business goes through the channel so, seeing that times are getting tougher for everyone, SonicWALL is being active in devising new ways to help its channel and thus ensure its own prosperity.

Keith Bird, VP and MD of SonicWALL's EMEA operations (pictured) spoke to on the day of its UK channel conference at the Madjesky stadium in Berkshire to tell us how it's trying to help. "We stay true to the channel and true to the channel we've got," he stressed.

With this in mind SonicWALL has devised a new initiative to help its resellers maintain the vital incremental revenue that comes from subscription renewals. Appropriately it's called PERCS - partner enabled renewal of customer subscriptions.

We're providing a database through the partner portal that alerts our channel when a customer's subscription is within three months of expiring," said Bird. "We also make an in-house team available that will chase up smaller renewals but still pass the margin onto VARs. The interest for SonicWALL is in maintaining the channel and keeping the customer base locked in."