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HEXUS.beans :: NVIDIA ConnectorGate Issue

by Copper Dong on 11 July 2008, 16:07


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Sauces close to a gypsy convoy in Kazakhstan have indicated that at least one Dell sales service team in Eastern Europe is confirming further details of the “weak die/packaging material” inconvenience that’s apparently afflicting masses of computers with NVIDIA graphics and chipsets.

In a press release on the 2nd July NVIDIA advised that “Certain notebook configurations with GPUs and MCPs manufactured with a certain die/packaging material set are failing in the field at higher than normal rates.” and that “To date, abnormal failure rates with systems other than certain notebook systems have not been seen.”

However if the intelligence brought by our carrier pigeon is correct, then Dell seems to think that the issue affects its customers' desktop computers too.

We’ve not got possession of any internal advisory entitled ‘NVIDIA ConnectorGate Issue’, but one mooted explanation seen in a document retrieved from a rubbish-bin at a ‘mankini’ (shown right in NVIDIA green, modelled by a local dignitary) manufacturing plant close to the Aral Sea, is that any ‘confusion at NVIDIA in the matter could be because the problem is amplified on notebooks due to the higher rate of on/off cycling’.

We strongly suggest that owners of NVIDIA based desktop systems do NOT keep switching on and off their PCs to prove or disprove this theory...