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30 Years of Brand Building

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Sparkle Undergoes Rebranding Campaign with Win-Win Dual Brand Strategy to Expand into Global Markets

Sparkle Corp. is the world-wide leader in graphics cards, established as a leading manufacturer in the professional graphics cards industry for over 30 years, Sparkle delivers complete solutions of high-speed performance and high-definition display quality to users. From the front-end of product design and development to back-end production management, Sparkle upholds the values of quality and technological innovation. Sparkle carries a full spectrum of high-quality products including computer graphics cards, fans, cooling solutions and accessories etc., all of which have received consumer recognition globally, achieving impressive sales benchmarks. The vertical stacks of all Sparkle video cards sold over the years would be over 8,000 times as tall as Taipei 101 Towers!

In order to build a sustainable brand, increase the value of our products and create a total communication service system, Sparkle announces a rebranding campaign with ambition to become an all-round graphics card brand through reengineering logo and reestablishing brand value.

The Glory of Taiwan, Sales Benchmarking over 8,000 Taipei 101 Towers & 30 Years of Legend

Sparkle has accumulated at least 30 years of abundant resources and R&D capability for international cooperation and Sparkle also possesses core technologies that are needed for developing and manufacturing graphics cards to solve even the most difficult visual computing and high performance challenges. Offering significantly improved product quality and reduced costs, Sparkle delivers video cards to desktop computers and high-end PCs with more computing performance and reliability than ever before. In addition, Sparkle leverages a highly integrated industry chain and being nVidia's AIC (Add-In Card) and global strategic partner enables Sparkle to be the first to launch new products and reduces the time it takes our products to reach the market, all with rapid product development speed to market and multi-functional products.

Sparkle has expanded substantially in recent years and today we are a major global player in the supply chain of graphics cards, setting amazing records such as "No. 1 brand and market share leader in China", "Top 3 global graphic card brand" and "No. 1 brand in Russia, Germany, India and Brazil". The vertical stacks of all Sparkle graphics cards sold over the years would be over 8,000 as tall as Taipei 101 Towers. Despite the international recognition of its products, Sparkle constantly reviews its brand position and strategy. In order to increase the awareness of the Sparkle brand in the market, Sparkle will take up an all-new brand-defining approach to boost new growth momentum through brand revitalisation, implementing a business model with industry value chain based on development, manufacturing and brand marketing.

Highlighting Brand Value, Exploring New Visions and Continuing to Dazzle

The brand new corporate identity highlights Sparkle's appeal as a high-tech and modern brand, Sparkle stuns consumers by creating a whole new corporate identity system. Sparkle means "dazzle, spark, brightness, vitality" and "SPARKLE" is inspired by diamonds which convey images of bright light and symbolise top quality. Sparkle's General Manager, Henry Lin stresses: "The "Sparkle" graphics card brand delivers on the assurance of "Diamond Quality" through strong R&D, creative teams, and global marketing to provide consumers with quality, reliable products as market leader. "

The "SPARKLE" logo has a lightweight design that continues the diamond concept. Simple and elegant diamond-cut lines convey the unique character of modern fashion, and sketch out a firm, stable sense of trust, and continuous technological advancement, all of which represent the value and corporate philosophy of the "SPARKLE" brand. With a future of unlimited creativity and variety of products in development, SPARKLE inspires consumers to seek out adventure and to explore the fun in life.

Dual Brand Strategy, Success in Emerging Markets & Entering High-End Market

Sparkle implements a dual brand strategy to expand its product range for the global market. Sparkle is the mainstream graphics cards brand and Calibre, the high-end graphics cards brand. As far as mainstream graphics cards are concerned, the rapid growth in emerging markets has to be taken into account, that is why Sparkle builds core competitive advantage by mastering key technology and offering customised products to meet the demands in specific markets. With comprehensive sales and marketing plans in place, Sparkle has already gained significant market share in emerging markets. Sparkle will continue to manage business developments and set up complete distribution channels in emerging markets with more flexible local marketing strategies.

High-end graphics cards are projected to be in more demand as a result of growing needs for 3D games and high-definition audio video entertainment. Sparkle is optimistic about the strong growth momentum in high-end video cards and will continue to invest in the high-end graphics card brand of Calibre. Sparkle seeks to greatly enhance competitive edge of products, bring high value-added service innovation and provide all-round excellent services to our customers through the expansion of production capacity and R&D resources, strategic alliance with global companies and technology update on high-end manufacturing process.

About Sparkle Corp.

Sparkle Corp. was established in 1982 and has been a market leader in the graphics card industry for nearly 20 years. From its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Sparkle develops, markets and manufactures graphic cards and other related accessories using technological advancements and innovation. Sparkle is acknowledged as a global leader thanks to our complete brand strategy, strong ambition and world-class competitive edge. Sparkle markets products worldwide in over 80 countries and 5 continents. With highly flexible mobility throughout the world we are able to provide services across the globe. Although the headquarters of Sparkle is located in Taiwan, we have strong sales and marketing centres based in other key territories fostering international cooperation, bringing us closer to the global market.Sparkle official website: www.sparkle.com.tw