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STM Announces Exciting New Rebrand

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Introducing the new face, new name and new future of STM.

Since 1998, STM has been raising the bar in the bag industry, leading the way in innovation, personality and thought. With the product range now featuring cases and power accessories – and with more innovations on the way – the company has grown far beyond the origins of bags, leading to the new name. STM Goods.

Creating Stuff That Matters for a group of doers, changers and makers referred to as Generation Do, the new branding represents just that: Doing. Generation Do are STM’s muse – the product range is beautiful, durable and supremely useful to help accomplish what you set out to do every day. Working to change the world around us all, STM makes things happen every day. 

For nearly two decades, the original STM logo has carried the company from a garage born startup in the heart of Sydney to a global, recognizable brand with a worldwide presence. The new logo is called The Spear. It represents bold ambition and the unrelenting drive to improve. It grants homage to ancient trailblazers from earliest origins. From the dawn of time, the movers and shakers used a spear to make their way victoriously in the world. Their spears led the way and struck their targets. Today’s movers and shakers use different sorts of spears - laptops, smartphones, tablets and more to overcome and achieve their goals every day. STM Goods will continue to strive to make a difference in ways that matter to you, so that you can lead the way. 

In the last three years, STM Goods has doubled in size, tripled in revenue and nearly tripled in global retail presence. The future of STM lies in supporting Generation Do in protection, power and portability – but also in knowledge, access and opportunity.

The new branding represents change. STM is changing because the world around is changing – the company has a determination to never stop leading the way in innovation, personality and thought.

For more information please see www.stmgoods.com