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Qualcomm to Demonstrate New Peer-to-Peer Technology at Mobile World Congress

Tags: Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM)

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Press release

SAN DIEGO - February 08, 2011 - Reflecting its continuing research and development into new connectivity models, Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) will demonstrate its newest advancement in peer-to-peer wireless technology at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Feb. 14-17 in Barcelona. The Company's technology innovation, called FlashLinqTM, enables devices to discover each other automatically and continuously, and to communicate, peer-to-peer, at broadband speeds without the need for intermediary infrastructure.

FlashLinq advances a concept known as proximal communications, whereby users can continuously connect, disconnect and communicate directly with other mobile users at broadband speeds based on their physical proximity. The technology is designed to complement traditional cellular-based services and serve as a scalable platform for new types of applications.

"By expanding the operator model of managed services to the frontier of proximal communications, Qualcomm continues to demonstrate its leadership in wireless technology and innovation" said Ed Knapp, senior vice president of business development and engineering for Qualcomm. "FlashLinq's direct discovery and distributed communications allows operators to naturally extend their cellular networks. The technology can efficiently support new and enhanced services in areas such as direct local advertising, geo-social networking and machine-to-machine communications."

FlashLinq is a synchronous TDD OFDMA technology operating on dedicated licensed spectrum and is distinguished by its high discovery range (up to a kilometer), discovery capacity (thousands of nearby devices) and distributed interference management. By enabling the simultaneous discovery and communication of thousands of proximal devices, FlashLinq can effectively create a "neighborhood-area network," where fixed and mobile peer applications can interact directly.

Qualcomm plans to collaborate with SK Telecom to trial FlashLinq in South Korea and explore potential commercial uses.

"Throughout its 27-year history, SK Telecom has always embraced cutting-edge technologies because we are committed to giving our customers the most advanced capabilities and user experiences," said Dr. Jong Tae Ihm, SK Telecom's senior vice president and head of the Institute of Network Technology. "We see Qualcomm's FlashLinq technology as a key enabler to a range of new and innovative services based on proximal networking."

Qualcomm's FlashLinq P2P technology will be demonstrated at Barcelona's Fira Convention Center in the Company's exhibit, located in Exhibit Hall 8, #8B53.