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TCA launches Finance Help Line for the channel

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Press release

The Technology Channels Association has launched a service aimed at helping businesses in the channel that might be experiencing difficulties in areas of finance.

The scheme, operated by P&A Receivables Services plc offers TCA Members initial free advice covering a variety of issues, including Debt collection & Legal services, Fraud Prevention & Investigations, Asset Recovery, Lender Services, Turnaround and Recovery and Personal Debt Solutions.

TCA President Keith Warburton said "By and large our members are handling the downturn very well, and indeed many of them are reporting an increased demand for their services, but even when we are in a buoyant market there is a need to professional financial advice."

Laurie Beagle, Divisional Director at P&A said "Timely advice and intervention can save a great deal of money. With the margins that most resellers are operating on, one bad debt can push a business to the wall. With our TCA Finance Helpline we are happy to provide the initial advice to TCA Members free of charge."

TCA Members may link to the service via the Members Area of the TCA website at www.tcauk.org

Warburton continued "Independent traders can often find it difficult to secure appropriate business services, this is just one of a new range of useful and beneficial services we will be introducing during the next few weeks."