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Brigantia takes on the high quality accessory series from Sandberg

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Press release

Oxford, 6 October 2009 - The largest group of independent Computer Solution Providers Brigantia has signed a contract with award winning Danish accessories specialist Sandberg A/S. This is a further strengthening of Brigantia's already impressive list of valued vendors.

"By this agreement with Sandberg, we will be able to offer a complete set-up for our members. We see it as a perfect companion to our range of well known ICT products for expert resellers.", comments managing director Iain Shaw. He continues: "Sandberg provides high quality products, unequalled online facilities, great warranty terms, ease of use and attractive display systems."

"We are very pleased to add Brigantia as a keystone to our British go-to-market strategy", said Erling Hoff Petersen, business development director at Sandberg A/S. "As a well established reseller association covering more than 1,200 outlets through-out the UK, we believe that Brigantia will help us grow our business in the UK. And Brigantia will benefit from being the first UK chain to bring our high-quality accessories to the UK market."

Sandberg has been operating in the Scandinavian markets for more than a decade, and has recently received a number of great product reviews and awards for its products in the UK press. Until now it has been hard for an enduser to find somewhere to purchase Sandberg products. That is now about to change.

The range counts IT peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mice, all kinds of adapters, headsets, speaker sets, sound cards, IO cards, network products, hubs etc plus an impressive range of cables and adapters for audio/video as well as IT connections. All Sandberg products come in good-looking yellow/purple packaging. Packaging and manuals are easy to understand to everybody, and all products are covered by 5 years warranty plus free hotline service.

First and for all Sandberg focuses on quality. Each and every single product has been going through a separate power-on control plus a number of selective quality and performance controls. Materials have been carefully selected, and all engineering is done to live up to 5 years warranty. The director proudly announces, that "no Sandberg product has more than 1% defective rate. 86% of the Sandberg products have even less than 0.01% defectives, which is only 1 out of 10,000 sold units!"

An online configurator - The Sandberg Guide - helps end consumers as well as resellers to locate the right products to connect two devices.

Via the local distribution partner Interactive Ideas, Sandberg offers a rack solution to the Brigantia members in combination with online space management software, by the means of which the Brigantia members can set up a tailored range to suit their outlets. The members can use their own racks or get Sandberg's display system.



The local Brigantia Computer Expert can be located on www.brigantia.com. Further information about Sandberg and the Sandberg products is available on www.sandberg.it. This is also where you will find The Sandberg Guide.