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Leading IT Suppliers Deliver Seminars on Current Subjects Affecting IT Professionals

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Press release

Details of the four keynote seminars from leading industry speakers on current subjects affecting IT professionals have now been finalised for the Misco Expo at Old Billingsgate, London on the 14th October.

Microsoft will be presenting Windows 7 : The evolution of the desktop experience. Noise and excitement is growing in the market for the upcoming release of Microsoft's Windows 7.  And with good reason.  The product looks great and brings with it new features that will deliver improved productivity for users whilst making it much easier for IT departments to ensure corporate assets are secure. 

Designed to work the way users do today, Windows 7 will offer businesses a choice of two versions depending on their requirements: for smaller organisations, Windows 7 Professional will deliver standard business functionality whilst Windows 7 Enterprise, available with Software Assurance, will offer enhanced features such as Direct Access and BitLocker to Go.

HP will be presenting Blades for business.  Grow, support, simplify & secure.  Companies around the globe are adopting blade technology as the information technology foundation for their business.  Blades can help businesses operate more efficiently, grow flexibly, reduce your company's carbon footprint and control costs with a unique combination of benefits that traditional rack-based systems simply can't match.

Wyse Technology will present Extending the Benefits of VDI with Wyse thin clients.  Wyse Technology is at the forefront of the rapid development of thin computing technology. Thin Computing is now a viable option for 99% of organisations, whether the requirements are for desktop, mobile, multimedia, plug and play, VOIP and more.

Finally, APC will be delivering a presentation on Responsive Environments - Energy Efficiency in the Datacenter.  Today's business and industry is highly reliant on technology support across all its activities. The relentless demands on the information technology has seen the development of more powerful IT equipment with resulting pressure on the support infrastructure itself. Particularly in regard to how the infrastructure delivers the power, the cooling and the physical space and fabric.

These topical seminars will be presented throughout the day and are not to be missed.  Available on a first come first served basis.

Misco Expo is on the 14th October at Old Billingsgate, London from 10.30am - 3.30pm. Further details available at  www.misco.co.uk/expo.