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CompTIA announces update to flagship CompTIA A+ certification exams

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Press release

New exams reflect changing job skills for computer support workers

CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certification for IT professionals, today announces an update to its flagship certification CompTIA A+. The new content reflects changing job requirements for tech support workers.

The updated version of CompTIA A+ consists of two tests: CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-701) and CompTIA A+ Practical Applications (220-702). The new exams are available worldwide.

"The new exams are streamlined, yet still deliver a comprehensive measurement of the core skills and knowledge required of all entry-level IT professionals regardless of their job role or responsibility," said Terry Erdle, senior vice president, skills development, CompTIA.

"CompTIA A+ is increasingly popular as it is recognised as one of the best way to validate skills," says Matthew Poyiadgi, European vice president. "Its universal content makes it a solid basis for any IT professional's skill set."

Approximately 725,000 individuals around the world are CompTIA A+ certified.

CompTIA A+ has achieved the ISO 17024 Personnel Certification Accreditation.  To maintain this accreditation, the certification exam undergoes regular review and updates to maintain its currency and relevance to the IT community.

The new CompTIA A+ Essentials exam measures the competencies required of an entry-level IT professional with a minimum of 500 hours of hands-on work experience in the lab or field. The exam covers the fundamentals of computer technology, operating systems, networking and security, as well as communication skills and professionalism.

The CompTIA A+ Practical Applications exam focuses on scenarios in which troubleshooting and tools must be applied to resolve problems, with more of a hands-on orientation.

Candidates must pass both exams to become CompTIA A+ certified. Objectives for both new exams are available at http://www.comptia.org/certifications/testprep/examobjectives.aspx.

Prior versions of the CompTIA A+ exams (200-601, 220-602, 220-603, and 220-604) are available until 31 July 2010 to allow candidates who are training or studying with current materials to complete their course of study and sit for the exams.