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PCA and MTA merge to form Technology Channels Association

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Press release

Evolving name for emerging markets - new trade body will broaden its scope to focus on digital technology and communications areas as well as traditional systems integrators and traders

The Professional Computing Association (PCA) and the Mac Technology Association (MTA), have formally merged to form the Technology Channels Association (TCA) - a new trade body for the channels with 800 active members and a remit to drive the further development and promotion of high standards of professionalism within the digital technology and communications industry.

With the adoption of its new name and clear goals and visions, the TCA aims to grow its membership base, drawing on the broader digital technology arena to include organisations from the business technology and communications and entertainment and gaming sectors as well as its traditional areas of strength amongst PC and Apple resellers, systems integrators and distributors.

Robert French, Vice-Chairman of the PCA and chairman of the TCA, announcing the establishment of the new trade body said: "The development of the digital technology industry and channel has been incredibly dynamic over the past 10 years and the formation of the new trade association recognises this. We will draw our membership from all parts of the channel, including vendors, distributors, resellers and other parties as appropriate and will represent the interests of all of our members equally and fairly, as a proper trade association should."

The TCA will be assuming the responsibilities of Mac Technology Association (MTA), with Robert Peckham current CEO of the Mac Technology Association continuing to direct that side of the business under the TCA brand.

Robert Peckham said: "We are all in the information or telecoms business, but these days that covers home and personal entertainment. Just like the PCA, we work closely with all parts of our channel. We've co-operated on a variety of projects over the years, and we share a Code of Practice. It makes good sense for our members to enjoy the extra benefits of the new, larger organisation."

The Technology Channels Association will take over the responsibilities and operation of the PCA and MTA with effect from 9th July 2009.  French pointed out that the organisation would continue to remain open and eager to incorporate other trade bodies as opportunities present themselves and to expand its membership. "We recognise that it can be very challenging for smaller organisations to do all that they would wish for their members and we welcome discussions with any body that feels it might benefit by being part of a more powerful group", he stated.

The CEO of the PCA, Keith Warburton will adopt the same role within TCA and is enthusiastic about the development of the new trade body and the increased areas of development and representation. "The PCA has continually developed over the years. The current membership reflects the general "shape" of the IT channel, including many resellers of one description or another, plus vendors, distributors and services providers. By embracing a wider variety of technologies the TCA will have an even stronger position and the ability to influence legislation in support of the members, and will offer a greater range of benefits and services that meet the needs of the wider channel.

Future national and regional meetings will allow existing and potential new members to engage with the strengthened management team, as well as benefit from networking and vendor events.

"We are keen to ensure that our members are kept well informed about current issues that impact their businesses and look forward to representing the needs of technology channels via the new, larger body to government representatives as soon as possible. The recent Channel Finance summit is one example of the sort of thing an active trade association can accomplish, and the TCA will organise further such events in the future."