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Symantec Launches Norton Family Resource Web Site, Coinciding With The Byron Report Announced Today

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Press release

Symantec, makers of Norton security software, has launched its Norton Family Resource  Web site ( as part of its ongoing, dedicated support programme to help empower digital families with the knowledge and experience to keeping safe online. 

The launch of this  new Web site coincides with the Safer Children in a Digital World independent report by Dr Tanya Byron which was unveiled today and proposes a National strategy for improving child safety online. Symantec welcomes this report and already has an active programme in place to support parents and children in helping stay safe online. 

The Norton Family Resource site is designed to provide a range of information, practical advice and materials to educate and support parents and children of all ages on ways to stay safe online on topics including cyber bullying, cyber stalking, identity fraud and social networking. 

Parents and children can download for FREE from the site a Norton Family Online Safety Booklet which is full of tips and advice on safe and responsible internet use; or put their questions or concerns on using the Internet securely to our Internet Safety Advocate, Caroline Cockerill; or read about the startling findings from the Norton Online Living Report, a Global study which examined how digital families interact with technology

Symantec has also teamed up with Childnet International, a non-profit organisation which aims to help make the Internet a great and safe place for children, and is a proud sponsor of National public Internet safety campaigns such as Get Safe Online and Make IT Secure, to help jointly promote the safety of children and young people when using the Internet. As well as advice from Norton, the Norton Family Resource site offers links to third party information with partner organisations such as, and

“According to our recent Norton Online Living Research Report, three quarters of UK online parents are concerned about what their children are doing online while one in five children Worldwide admit to doing things online their parents would not approve of,”  said Caroline Cockerill, Norton Internet Safety Advocate for Symantec. “For many parents, who often have less knowledge and experience of the Internet than their children, the Internet can be a place of trepidation, a point highlighted today in Dr Tanya Byron’s report ‘Safer Children in a Digital World. 

“As a market leader in Internet security software, it is our duty to help educate both parents and children about how to keep safe online, which includes best practice guidelines outside of technology solutions. The Norton Family Resource Web site provides parents and children will a raft of information, advice and answers to questions to staying safe online all under one roof, empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to reap the benefits of the Internet without fear of what they might find.” 

Some of the issues covered by the Norton Family Resource Web site include:

  • Cyber bullying – how to spot it, and protecting against it
  • Social networking – avoiding the threat from Internet predators
  • Identity theft – safe transactions and protecting your identity online
  • Talking to your kids – a checklist of what to discuss, and how, with children and teens
  • Legal issues – kids, research and the Internet
  • Cyber ethics – teaching children acceptable behaviour on the Internet