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Dell focuses on SMB "Heroes"

by Sylvie Barak on 23 October 2009, 14:52

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Pain points

Felice went on to say that, having acquired Perot systems for $3.9 billion recently, Dell was now even more equipped to provide top notch services, SaaS offerings and virtualisation capabilities to SMBs.

"We understand the real needs and pain points of SMBs," said Felice as he told of the success "Take your own path" was having in countries like India, where it was launched last year.

With that, Felice said he wanted to shine the spotlight on what Dell calls the "heroes and celebrities of the SMB world,"and what the rest of the world calls, ‘entrepreneur.'

Here's our montage of Dell and chums speaking at the event.