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Ray Ozzie - Bill Gates' replacement at Microsoft

by Bob Crabtree on 20 June 2006, 12:36

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Ray Ozzie - Microsoft's chief software architect

The news that Bill Gates plans to hand over the day-to-day running of Microsoft to concentrate on charity work (see this HEXUS.headline) has focussed attention on his replacement as the company's chief software architect, Ray Ozzie - a man generally regarded as being very different from Gates.

News sites around the globe have been picking over Ozzie's track record - he's best known as the creator of Lotus Notes collaborative-working program - and speculating about how and where his way of working and management will steer the software giant.

Perhaps the pick of the bunch is Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie: chant of change at Microsoft on The Australian's site. It's an easy and interesting read that gives you a feel for the man and the mission and includes some choice quotes, notably Gates' assertion some time back that Ozzie is "one of the top five programmers in the universe".

Also worth checking out, on Guardian Unlimited, is Spotlight on old rival Ray Ozzie. This piece includes a reminder that when Ozzie became Microsoft's chief technology officer [in spring 2005], there was immediately speculation that he was being groomed as Bill Gates' long-term replacement.

And it says, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer had apparently been wanting to hire Ozzie for over two decades. As for the future, Guardian Unlimited reckons, "Mr Ozzie's influence is expected to push Microsoft further into highly developed web applications and knowledge sharing programs, areas where Microsoft is feeling the pressure from such companies as Google."

To hear the thoughts of Ray Ozzie himself, though, try Gartner's two-part interview of October 7, 2005 or the video of CNET's December 6 interview.

Thoughts on Bill, Ray, Steve or Microsoft? Then let us hear them in the

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could be the beginning of the end for microsoft.

No matter what we say about windows, office and the like - we know and use them, and most of us do secretly like them.

This man though, created the abomination that is Lotus Notes. Anyone who has ever had to use it on a day-to-day basis from a users point of view will know how horrible it is to use. Slow, buggy, fugly, very poor UI, buggy, buggy, buggy - The client in particular, its at least 10x worse than office.

Sametime - arg its a java based messaging client, enough said really..protocol is ok as far as they go though..

Sure domino works ok, but it's still a pain compared to it's rivals, and the designer only has a windows version afaik.

So we all have to hope that this man gets no control over what prodcuts microsoft starts to produce, we don't really want his influence making their products harder to use now do we :)
Interesting viewpoint!

Anyone else share it or disagree?
Bobhave you ever used a Notes as a mail client ?

Its pants….

fact :)
Bobhave you ever used a Notes as a mail client ?

Its pants….

fact :)

No, and I certainly wasn't trying to argue, merely see if others did or didn't share this viewpoint.

Any more for any more?