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Patriot launches Gauntlet Wi-Fi storage device


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Personal storage for your mobile device with USB 3.0 connectivity.

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Built in rechargable battery?
If this device has its own power source, can be recharged from USB and also charge the device thats plugged into it it would be awesome, imagine having it in your pocket and watching a film, your phone starts to whine about low power, plug cable in, carry on watching your film and charge your device at the same time….
Come on hexus, go see the guy again and put my above post to him…

I dont mind them knicking the idea if I get a free unit out of it :D
Trig… :secret:… the built-in battery is rechargeable and Patriot is toying with the idea of having the device double up as a portable battery charger. Not sure what we can do about the free unit though. :P
Hell the fact that I got a reply and that people might be listening to me once in a while will have to do then chap :lol:
If that lets you save data to the drive over a wireless connection from your iPhone/iPad/mobile device than it is one step beyond the Seagate drive which only allows users to stream/read data from the drive.