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Gear4 Renew Sleep Clock monitors as you sleep


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iPhone dock, alarm clock, radar-based monitor and more for £149.

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It's not that brand new (though the implementation might be better) as I remember an iPhone user talking about an app that did basically the same thing, including wake you up at an optimal time within a window (though you had to put the phone on the mattress) about 2 years ago.
He mentioned that you set a “window of opportunity”, and stated that you may set between 6:45 and 7:30 as the timeframe, but what I want to know is, what happens if you're in deep sleep for that entire 45 minute window? Will it just go crazy at 7:30 to get you up or is there anything else at work here?
Gear4 have got to be one of my favourite accessory manufacturers, I love seeing stuff like this.
I have narcolepsy and would love this. I would actually know how my day was going to be in advanced. Instead of guessing badly and hitting the deck