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Titanium for Netbooks


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Rik talks us through the latest Internet Protection Software and tells us why the future is Titanium.

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how much had the camera man had to drink?
all over the place haha.

Noticed a ton of new security products entering market lately… all making the same mistake, pricing themselves at too similar a price to the big names… if you look good and are very cheap most people will consider… if you look good and are the same price as Norton, Kaspersky etc you wont simple as.
Did you see a table full of Energy drinks? No, neither did I. Judging by the shaky cam I guess the camera guy finished them off after the ‘testing’ was done the other week and is still suffering the effects :D

I'll definitely give Titanium a try on my Netbook. Never been too happy with the performance impact AV protection has had on my Netbook.
But yea.. agree on the price. Not sure no matter how good it is I'm going to pay £29.95 for my Netbook which is effectively my third, not primary, choice PC.
It is a very good idea, and I like the fact that resource usage is reduced. However I am currently very happy with Eset Smart Security which has ThreatSense, a more mature proactive detection method which has kept me virus/malware free for 5 years.

I also doubt Titanium could use a significant amount less of my system resources as Eset uses almost none. Although tempting I am not going to change my virus protection software.