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Review: MESH Elite Extreme QX G80

by James Morris on 25 January 2007, 08:44

Tags: SCAN, MESH Computers

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qahqc

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Although MESH is a PC manufacturer particularly renowned in the UK for its value, it can also put together a mean piece of kit at the high end. For a tad over two grand, the Elite Extreme QX G80 packs a healthy array of premium components. The model name gives the game away. Not only is the processor the latest quad-core Intel contender, the graphics are also the topmost currently available from NVIDIA. With a 22in Iiyama widescreen included in the price plus all the PC trimmings as well, the Elite has no obvious weakness - at least on paper. But does the sum of its parts form an easily solvable equation? We put the Elite through its paces to see whether MESH has the mathematics right.