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Review: Scan 3XS Z87 Hadron Hydro

by Parm Mann on 31 March 2014, 15:00


Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qaccnv

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Benchmarks: CPU

Put a Core i7-4770K in any PC and you can look forward to class-leading performance. The 4.2GHz overclock makes the sub-16-second score possible, though it's interesting to see how far mini PCs have come. In the CPU performance stakes, Gigabyte's miniscule Brix Pro isn't far behind.

Four dedicated CPU cores and eight available threads ensure that multi-threaded performance in the Cinebench test is top-notch.

Our HandBrake benchmark transcodes a large 4K video clip into an Android tablet-friendly format. Scan's compact gaming rig proves its potential as an all-round workhorse by averaging just over 45 frames per second. CPU performance, as expected, is excellent.