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Review: MESH Matrix 64 3200 E-JOY & Evesham Technology Axis 64 3200+

by Tarinder Sandhu on 20 December 2003, 00:00

Tags: MESH Computers

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MESH Matrix 64 3200+ E-JOY and Evesham Technology Axis 64 3200+ system review

We're getting close to that time of year when the yuletide season is in top gear. Television, radio, and press advertisements are packed with all manner of goods, ranging from a pair of slippers to the latest high-end plasma screen. Christmas also happens to fall into a time of year when the days are cold, short, and dusk begins to set in soon after 3pm. Call it a coincidence or just good fortune, but these combined factors are a godsend to PC system integrators. Users are prepared to spend the money on the latest electrical goods, and the climate helps keep them indoors. It's little wonder, then, that Christmas is a boom time for most hardware-related companies.

In the main, HEXUS has reviewed PC components, ranging from motherboards, system memory, power supplies, monitors, graphics cards and optical drives. The next logical step lies in looking at pre-built systems from some of the U.K's heavyweight vendors. To that end, we've cast our eye over systems from Time and Scan in recent months and found them to be decent in many crucial areas. The time (no pun intended) of using substandard components and shoddy build quality has passed, thankfully.

Our readership is a knowledgeable crowd for the most part. With respect to the U.K, if we were to run a poll requesting users' thoughts on the best system integrators, the name of MESH Computers and Evesham Technology would, we reckon, come up more often than not. It's products from firms like these that allow the reviewing sector to gauge just how far pre-built systems have come since the days of integrated video in £1000 machines. It's natural that we were keen to test mid-to-high-end systems from two well-respected companies in the industry. Their buying power and market presence should guarantee that decent components find their way into each machine.

With that in mind, both firms duly obliged and systems were dispatched for our perusal. We have to determine whether either succeed on a number of fronts. We'd be looking for an excellent hardware and software selection, attention to detail, quality of support and, perhaps most importantly of all, value for money.

The upper price limit was suggested at around £1500. That, now, should buy you a system that should gobble up anything you throw at it. Read on and find out what we thought of MESH and Evesham's power PCs.