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Review: Intel NUC D54250WYK (22nm Haswell)

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 January 2014, 10:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qab6q5

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Testing methodology

Comparison Systems

System Name Intel NUC DC3217IYE Zotac Zbox ID89 Plus Intel NUC D54250
Processor Intel Core i3-3217U @ up to 1.80GHz Intel Core i5-3470T @ up to 3.6GHz Intel Core i5-4250U @ up to 2.6GHz
Cooler Intel NUC reference Zotac Zbox reference Intel NUC reference
Motherboard NUC QS77 reference Zbox H61 reference NUC QS87 reference
Memory Nanya 4GB DDR3 (2x2GB) (added) Samsung 4GB DDR3 (1x4GB) Corsair 8GB DDR (2x4GB) (added)
Memory Speed 9-9-9-24-1T @ 1,333MHz 11-11-11-28-1T @ 1,600MHz 11-13-13-30-2T @ 1,600MHz
Graphics Intel HD 4000 Intel HD 2500 Intel HD 5000
Sound Card Onboard audio Onboard audio Onboard audio
Primary Storage 80GB Intel mSATA SSD (addedl) Toshiba MQ01ABD050 500GB HDD 180GB Intel mSATA SSD (added)
Secondary Storage N/A N/A NA
Optical Drive N/A N/A NA
PSU Intel NUC 60W Zotac Zbox 90W Intel NUC 65W
Chassis NUC reference Zotac Zbox NUC reference
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium (added) Windows 7 Home Premium (added) Windows 8.1 (added)
MSRP £230 (barebones) £425 £290 (barebones)


HEXUS PiFast Our number-crunching PiFast test is used to benchmark the computational power of each system's CPU.
Cinebench Using Cinebench's multi-CPU render, this cross-platform benchmark stresses as many cores as possible.
PCMark 7 PCMark 7 combines various single- and multi-threaded CPU, Graphics and HDD tests to score overall system performance.
3DMark 11 Run using the 'extreme' preset.
Temperature Noted for CPU idling and under Prime95 all-core load.
Power Consumption Noted for system idling and under Prime95 all-core load.
Noise A PCE-318 noise level meter is placed at the front of the chassis. Noted for system idling and under Prime95 all-core load.