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Review: MESH Elite Extreme SLI System - Core 2 Extreme X6800

by Steve Kerrison on 14 July 2006, 04:59

Tags: MESH Computers

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Conroe has landed, as has the rest of the first wave of the Core 2 desktop crew. We've reviewed the Core 2 itself today in this HEXUS.review. Yes it's fast, just like we said it was a while ago.

It's quite appropriate then, for us to take a Core 2-based system for a spin on the day of the CPU's launch. MESH is the system builder that's kindly put together a system for us. It's called the Elite Extreme SLI and, as the name suggests, it features an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU.

That alone promises to pack a punch, but MESH has gone the whole hog and thrown in a heap of other hardware to back it up, and we'd expect nothing less from a high-end system like this.

So, in our somewhat time-constrained review we'll look at what a system builder can do with Core 2 Extreme, and, of course, how MESH's newest high performance system fares in our benchmarks. Onwards, dear reader...