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Review: Icy Box IB-350U-BL

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 26 July 2004, 00:00

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Icy Box IB-350U-BL

Icy Box

Icy Box Rear

As you can see, it's a slim enclosure, made from aluminium, with black mesh edges. Just thick enough to take a standard 3.5" ATA drive, the Icy Box tries to be stylish, and succeeds in this reviewer's eyes.

To get a disk in, you just unscrew the four thumbscrews at the top, pull the lid off to reveal the naked internals, then hook a drive up using the ATA ribbon connector and 4-pin standard Molex connector. You screw the disk to the Icy Box using the two screw holes you can see in the picture of the bottom of the unit.

Icy Box Inside

Screw the lid back on and your connectivity options with the IB-350U-BL are the next to be considered.

Icy ports

The IB-350U-BL makes that option singular, arriving with a solitary USB2.0 connector, along with the DC input for the supplied power brick.

Upon powering it up, given that it's the BL model with blue lighting, the Icy Box emits a pleasing blue glow, the lights tied to IDE activity, flashing on bus usage.

Icy Box lit up

As you can see, the Icy Box also arrives with an unobtrusive plastic stand to let you stand the unit on its long or short edges, as so.

Given that it can power large capacity IDE disk drives up to 7200rpm in speed, you can't power the Icy Box from the USB cable at all, so you'll need to transport the power brick and a kettle lead with it when you use it portably.