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Review: Intel SSD DC S3500 Series (600GB)

by Parm Mann on 26 September 2013, 13:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Enterprise Workloads

Simulating a possible real-world scenario, our database workload consists of random 8KB transfers in a 67 per cent read/33 per cent write distribution. No surprises here, the 600GB S3500 isn't able to catch the 800GB S3700, with each drive averaging 21,000 and 34,000 IOPs, respectively, at a queue depth of 32.

The file server workload consists of mixed-size file transfers. Both Intel drives scale well, with the S3500 slotting in, as expected, in second place.

The workstation pattern makes use of 8KB transfers in an 80 per cent read/20 per cent write distribution and is the more realistic example of a real-world usage scenario for the S3500. Performance here is strong, with the 600GB drive sustaining in excess of 25,000 IOPs at the highest queue depth.

Intel's product positioning is reflected in the benchmarks. The S3500 offers the same level of consistency as the S3700, but endurance and performance have been taken down a notch to meet a lower price point.