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Review: Crucial 6GB DDR3-1,066 CL7: the perfect partner for Intel Core i7?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 12 December 2008, 08:57 3.8

Tags: DDR3-1,066MHz CL7 6GB, Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

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Memory manufacturers will be hoping that the salvo of Intel Core i7 launch and the knowledge that AMD plans to move on to using DDR3 for its updated Phenom CPUs, probably in February 2009, will provide the necessary impetus for expansion of their respective DDR3 line-ups, which, right now, make up a small portion of overall DRAM sales.

DDR3 pricing has been steadily dropping this year, to the extent where it's possible to buy a 3GB tri-channel DDR3-1,066 kit for around £75 and a 6GB DDR3-1,333 pack for £150. Not cheap as DDR2, sure, but pricing's low enough such that DDR3-based mainboards will provide the backbone in the majority of £1,000 base units.

Crucial is banking on this because it recently announced a bunch of DDR3 kits at keen prices. Knowing this, we're taking a look at a 6GB DDR3-1,066 pack, to see if there's merit in spending £145 on decent-capacity memory.

Read on to find out