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Review: Hiper Type-R Series 480W Power Supply

by David Ross on 12 December 2004, 00:00

Tags: Hiper

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Hiper logo

As more and more people begin to see their PC as much as a fashion accessory as a workhouse or thing of entertainment, with cases utilising windows and the like, so manufacturers of every component of your average PC begin to design products to fit in with this shift in the conscience of the hardware enthusiast.

Of course, this change in mindset has trickled all the way down to the humble (yet hugely important for a stable system) power supply, and today we'll be looking at Hiper's Type R range of PSUs - An attempt to combine a powerful, reliable PSU with an aesthetically pleasing exterior, all without costing the Earth. We've been granted an opportunity to take a look at three different 'flavours' of these 480 Watt power supplies, namely the red, black and silver varieties - Each with its own colour scheme and slightly differing bundle to offer something for all tastes.

Type R line-up