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Review: Enermax MODU82+ PSU: high efficiency, but at what cost?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 11 July 2008, 05:15

Tags: Enermax MODU82+, Enermax (8093.TWO)

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There was a time, not so long ago, when even a high-end PC's power supply (PSU) was a mere afterthought, rarely mentioned in the specifications. After all, power was power.

With components becoming faster and drawing more electricity than ever before, especially in the enthusiast segment, a PSU is viewed rather differently. It's now an important part of the component decision-making process, and even the likes of Dell and HP - purveyors of pre-built systems - are paying increased attention to the source of a PC's juice.

In 2008, a quality PSU needs to fulfil various criterions, including, but not limited to, lots of 12V power; long cables; silent running at mid-load; an eclectic bunch of connections; and high efficiency.

That's why the likes of Enermax, Akasa, FSP, Corsair, et al, all continue to develop new models to cater for a fast-changing market.

HEXUS has already looked at an ungodly number of PSUs in our thirty-four-way round-up. Most recently, however, we took a look at a couple of 1,000W supplies, but most folk considering a new system may well set their eyes on something with a little less poke, making it intrinsically cheaper.

Enter the Enermax MODU82+, available in capacities ranging from 425W to 625W, ensuring that it is, on paper, suitable for a wider audience.

We put the range-topping 625W model on test, to see if it lives up to Enermax's lofty credentials.