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Review: Ideazon Zboard

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 13 May 2004, 00:00

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If you're a hardcore PC gamer, there's a high chance that you've thought about buying some gamer-related human input devices, keyboard, mice, gamepads and joysticks most likely.

Recent years have seen the advent of the gamer's mouse and mousing surfaces, focussed towards the best gaming experience in your favourite games. Gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels are a dime a dozen, the top PC HID makers having a plethora or different models for you to choose from.

But keyboards are a different story. While replacement keyboards are plentiful, keyboards for the gamer aren't. There's been some notable attempts over the years, but none that have really held the attention of serious gamers for more than five minutes.

Ideazon have resurrected the idea, the Zboard the final result. Let's take a look.