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Review: FSP Silent Solution Kit

by Craig Ball on 16 December 2003, 00:00

Tags: FSP Group (TPE:3015)

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Today's PCs are extremely powerful and very thirsty when it comes to powering them. I wonder how many people have thought about watercooling their electricity meter when they have seen it whizzing around at the speed of light. Since computers are very expensive tools, you cannot rely on that £30 case and PSU combo any more. PSUs can range from £10 to £300, but what's the difference apart from the huge chunk out of your wallet? Most of them all look the same with some minor cosmetic tweaks and cooling aids but they are all supposed to do the same job. I'm a true believer of the quote "you get what you pay for".

PCs can be so noisy that just turning them on makes it sound like there's a mini hurricane blowing in the corner of your room. Luckily FSP have come up with a great cooling solution that could make the FSP Silent-Solution Kit a very popular product.

The Silent-Solution Kit consists of a PSU, a heatsink and fan, and a case fan. The kit comes in various different combinations depending on your choice. I was sent the following products within the Silent-Solution Kit:-

  • Silent 300W Power Supply
  • Silent Intel Pentium 4 CPU Cooler
  • Silent 9cm Case Fan