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Review: ECS RS482-M Radeon Xpress 200 motherboard

by Steve Kerrison on 2 August 2006, 19:30

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It's been all go for both AMD and Intel recently, what with both launching something new; AM2 and Core 2 CPUs, respectively. Then, of course, there's the whole AMD & ATI thing. It's perhaps fitting that today we're reviewing a motherboard with an ATI chipset, designed for AMD processors.

The board in question is from ECS and it's called the RS482-M, its name giving away the fact that it's powered by ATI's Xpress 200 chipset. In this case, the board we're looking at is a budget offering, with integrated Xpress 200 graphics and Socket 939 processor support. Of course, it's a PCIe board and Socket 939 still has plenty of life left in it yet, even for high-performance systems. So, could this uATX board prove to be a board that's good for having a bit of fun on a budget?

Let's see...