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Review: ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 November 2012, 09:14 4.0

Tags: AsRock

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Power consumption

Our review of the A10-5800K APU showed that it pulled more-than-expected juice when running at maximum speed and we surmised that it was perhaps to do with the Gigabyte A85X-UP4 over-volting a touch.

The ASRock's numbers are better, especially with respect to 2D, and though the in-BIOS voltages are the same, there's clearly more energy saving going on here. We've also requested that AMD send us another A10-5800K APU sample, as our one seems to use a high-than-expected VCore.

We clearly have too much time on our hands and thus put in the A10-5700 65W APU in the socket and ran the power tests again. This lower-wattage chip returned system-wide power-draw of 26W, 69W, and 71W, respectively, for the three graphs.