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Review: ASUS A7V8X

by David Ross on 27 November 2002, 00:00

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), VIA Technologies (TPE:2388)

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With the wide variety of KT400 chipset boards being released for the AMD platform, it can be hard to decide which deserve's your hard earned cash. The decision usually comes down to going the extra mile and splashing out on a high end board...or saving a bit of cash and going for a more basic variety. Today were looking at one of the higher end KT400 boards, which like other boards of this caliber, is feature packed.

ASUS have always been renowned for the quality and stability of their motherboards, and again they don't disappoint when it comes to their KT400 product. The VIA KT400 chipset has now had time to mature, through bios updates and driver tweaking it has become a solid high performance platform for AMD's Athlon XP series of processors.

Like other top tier KT400 boards, the ASUS A7V8X is packed with I/O ports - almost a port for every device out there: USB 2, Firewire, 6 channel Audio, Digital Audio In/Out, LAN, Serial ATA, RAID and the usual PS/2, parallel, serial and game ports. The LAN port isn't your usual common garden 100mbit port, but something far better.

The ASUS A7V8X has some nice extra features that you wont find on any other KT400 board, so read on to see what makes this board stand out from the crowd...