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Review: Epox 8K7A+

by David Ross on 3 June 2001, 00:00

Tags: EPoX

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I've been wanting a DDR motherboard ever since my last DDR test system went back to AMD. This new Epox DDR socket A motherboard promises a lot, using an AMD 761 Northbridge, Via 686B Southbridge and incorporating a Highpoint RAID controller, along with full FSB and multiplier adjustment, it offers all the features I look for in a motherboard. It's not blue this time, but has a bright green PCB. The layout is fairly standard, including 6 PCI slots no ISA's on this board, and 1 AGP slot. The only notable feature about the layout is the ATX power connector, its placed vertically near the RAM slots, it just looks a bit different but doesn't affect fitting the components in anyway. On the bottom corner of the board there is a 2 digit LED display, this displays an output during POST to try and help in problem solving during initial setup bootup. This is a helpful feature but one that I thankfully didn't use. Well with the brief introduction over with lets see what it looks like.