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Review: Dell Latitude 13 7370

by Parm Mann on 25 July 2016, 16:30


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Benchmarks: CPU

Intel's Core m5-6Y57 processor makes for an interesting choice. Performance aficionados will be quick to dispel the Latitude's credentials as a work machine, yet it really is dependant on the type of work you're likely to do.

Our benchmarks reveal that the CPU's ability to boost to 2.8GHz results in surprisingly potent single-threaded performance, as evidenced by a PiFast score of 23.6 seconds. That isn't far behind a Core i7-6500U based on the same Skylake architecture.

But there are limitations, particularly when multi-threaded workloads are concerned. In the Cinebench and HandBrake tests, the speed of the Core m5-6Y57 would routinely drop to 1.6GHz, putting the Latitude firmly behind any comparison laptop outfitted with a Core i-series chip.