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Review: rock Pegasus 650 Dungeons And Dragons Online Laptop

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 June 2006, 13:17

Tags: rock, Stone Group

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rockdirect Pegasus 650 Dungeons And Dragons Online

Ever wanted to stand out from the crowd? Are you the kind of person that has a personalised number-plate on your car? If you are, buying a run-of-the-mill laptop probably won't get you excited.

There are a number of U.K. companies that specialise in bespoke laptops, made just for you, that won't be confused with, say, the ubiquitous Dell Inspiron 6400.

In view of this, rockdirect's launching a limited-edition run of its popular Pegasus 650 notebook. Outfitted with a custom finish and bundling in Atari's Dungeons And Dragons: Online, could this be the sub-Ā£1000 laptop for the discerning buyer? Let's find out.