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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15 review

by Parm Mann on 3 June 2010, 08:41 3.0

Tags: ThinkPad Edge 15, Lenovo

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The ThinkPad, originally designed by IBM in 1992, is the one notebook that stands out as synonymous with no compromise business computing.

Manufactured and marketed by Lenovo since 2005, it remains a popular choice due to its iconic design and renowned build quality. For the business user in need of a premium solution that oozes quality, reliability and award-winning service, there's usually little need to look anywhere else.

But what about the business user operating within a budget? That's where the ThinkPad Edge comes in. Arriving as the most radical departure to traditional ThinkPad design in recent years, the Edge claims to offer "more business features for less" and is available with prices starting at under Ā£450.

Produced in 13in, 14in and 15in flavours, the ThinkPad Edge can be configured with a choice of matte black, glossy black or glossy red lids, making this the first ThinkPad available in multiple colours. This clearly isn't the ThinkPad of times gone by and fans of the series may be quick to turn a blind eye.

Don't be too hasty, though. We've spent the past fortnight living and sleeping with the ThinkPad Edge 15 and we're now ready to share our thoughts.