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Review: Sapphire Radeon R9 380X Nitro

by Parm Mann on 19 November 2015, 14:00

Tags: AMD (NYSE:AMD), Sapphire

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Alien: Isolation

Homepage: | Publisher: Sega | Developer: Creative Assembly

One of the most terrifying games of recent years, Alien: Isolation is a must for fans of the series and on PC hardware it looks as good as it plays. To gauge performance, we benchmark a 45-second stint of the game at FHD, QHD and 4K UHD resolutions.

R9 380X is specifically positioned to be the best of the sub-£200 bunch, and it fits that criteria to a tee. Performance in Alien: Isolation is silky smooth at both 1080p FHD and 1440p QHD resolutions.