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Review: AMD and Nvidia's 2014 driver progress

by Ryan Martin on 8 January 2015, 14:00


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Performance - Part 3

Homepage: | Publisher: Square Enix | Developer: Crystal Dynamics

The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot has received critical acclaim and, with the aid of Crystal Dynamics' game engine, helps bring Lara Croft to life with stunning character models and believable worlds. We run a 60-second benchmark using the Ultra-quality preset.

Tomb Raider hasn't improved on AMD hardware this year. Nvidia, however, has managed to add a lot of extra performance suggesting it's figured out some of the AMD-optimisations built into this AMD Gaming Evolved title.

Providing an excellent mix of strategy and action, Total War: Rome II's epic turn-based gameplay can swallow hours of your life. Our 60-second benchmark uses the built-in Extreme preset.

Wrapping things up with Total War: Rome II we observe some more small improvements for all the GPUs. Nothing extraordinary but solid progress nonetheless.