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Review: Leadtek WinFast A360TD FX 5700 128MB

by Tarinder Sandhu on 21 January 2004, 00:00

Tags: Leadtek Winfast A360TD FX 5700 128MB, Leadtek

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Leadtek WinFast A360TD FX 5700 128MB

NVIDIA recently introduced two new GPUs to its burgeoning DX9 range. Out, effectively, goes the FX 5600 Ultra and its various incarnations and in comes the FX 5700-series of cards. And just like the outgoing model, the FX 5700 range is segregated into standard and ultra denominations. The underlying difference between the FX 5700 and FX 5700 Ultra is nothing other than sheer basic speed. Ryszard took an extensive look at the FX 5700 Ultra reference card here, so freshen up if NVIDIA's GPUs aren't your Mastermind subject.

The FX 5700 is being pushed on the basis of an enviable price-to-performance ratio, if NVIDIA is to be believed. It supports DX9 specifications right now, and it should retail for a little over £100. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it ?.

Leadtek are quickly becoming one of NVIDIA's closest partners. You can usually expect to see a full retail Leadtek WinFast card within a few weeks of the reference card review. Leadtek's philosophy seems to be keen pricing and value-adding features. We were presented with the opportunity of testing Leadtek's FX 5700 derivative. The Leadtek WinFast A360TD FX 5700 128MB card promises to be something of a dark horse. Let's take a closer look.