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Review: MSI NX7300GS-TD256E GeForce 7300 GS 256MiB

by Steve Kerrison on 1 September 2006, 08:39

Tags: MSI NX7300GS-TD256E Geforce 7300 GS, MSI

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Much like at the high-end, NVIDIA has a collection of products sat at the budget-end of the market, all carrying the '7300' name. MSI's NX7300GS uses the 7300 GS (would you believe). Here's a comparison of raw performance, as told by NVIDIA:

GeForce 7300 GTGeForce 7300 GSGeForce 7300 LEGeForce 7300 SE
Memory Interface128-bit64-bit64-bit64-bit
Memory Bandwidth10.7GB/s6.5GB/s5.2GB/s5.2GB/s
Fill Rate2.8 Billion pixels/sec2.2 Billion pixels/sec1.8 Billion pixels/sec900 Million pixels/sec
Vertices/Second (Millions)350413338225

The 7300 GS sits behind the 7300 GT, according to the numbers. The GT, with its wider memory interface, affords it greater performance and as Rys found out in his Galaxy 7300 GT review, when overclocked it wanders into 7600 territory. The GS, however, is somewhat more stunted.

So, aside from the usual GeForce 7300 features, what has MSI done to, or bundled with their card? Here are the noteworthy additions:

  • MSI Live Update - Live update of graphics card BIOS and driver.
  • GoodMem - Frees system memory.
  • LockBox - Lock the system when user is away from it.
  • WMIinfo - List system info, useful for troubleshooting and support.
  • MSI VIVID - Image quality enhancement tool.
  • MSI Live - Info such as product news, search and personal scheduling.
  • MSI Secure DOC - Dynamic overclocking to guaranteed overclocks.

Some of the features, like LockBox and MSI Live seem a bit out of place in a graphics card bundle... extra functionality for the sake of it, if you will, with no real benefit to the actual product at hand. That said, DOC, WMIinfo and VIVID could all be useful.