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Review: BFG Tech GeForce 7900 GT, 7900 GTX and 7600 GT OC™

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 8 July 2006, 07:38

Tags: BFG Technologies

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When we took at look at the first 90nm NVIDIA GPUs, here, we concluded that the G73-powered 7600 GT was the most promising, 7900 GT and 7900 GTX not doing enough to really take the fight to ATI's competing SKUs.

We weren't too impressed with the reference cooler for 7600 GT and 7900 GT, either. Obnoxious is the right word to describe it, we feel, with a cooler like that fairly unexcusable in this day and age.

The company's saving grace, however, is its leniency in allowing AIB partners to customise the reference designs we analyse. Coolers can be swapped, shortcomings in performance can be overcome with factory-approved overclocks and bundles can be tailored to make the resulting package more attractive to prospective customers.

BFG Tech were gracious enough to provide their OC™ examples of all three products, two-up for some SLI testing. BFG are staid factory overclockers with the majority of their gamer-led products, bumping things up above stock as a way to appeal. Taking a good look at their versions of GeForce 7600 GT, 7900 GT and 7900 GTX was therefore always going to be interesting.

Join us as we do just that and investigate their worth, versus reference board competition.