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Review: Gainward Golden Sample Ultra/1200XP GeForce FX 5900 Powerpack! Ultra 128MB

by Tarinder Sandhu on 20 August 2003, 00:00

Tags: Gainward Golden Sample ULTRA/1200XP Geforce FX 59, Gainward

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The world champion of names

It's now generally accepted that NVIDIA is back in the high-end, consumer-level graphics card sector. After misfiring with the FX 5800 Ultra debacle, NVIDIA now offers the consumer a couple of powerful cards; all at a considerable cost to your pocket. The FX 5900 and FX 5900 Ultra can be roughly compared to ATi's 9800 Pro (in both 128MB and 256MB formats), and pricing for the FX 5900 should put it in the vicinity of the 9800 Pro's.

NVIDIA and its partners have, seemingly, got around the noise issue that plagued the ill-fated FX 5800 card. A number of partners have implemented their own cooling in a bid to make their cards more attractive to potential buyers. Indeed, we, the buyers, are now flooded with FX 5900 designs from almost every conceivable card partner.

Gainward is one such partner that often produces sought after cards. Gainward, it has to be said, maintain an above average position in the graphics card industry, thanks to its good-looking cards and decent bundles. Today we'll endeavor to see if it can produce another winner. The Gainward PowerPack FX 5900 Ultra/1200 XP (that's a standard FX 5900 for the likes of you and me) is upon us. Time to delve a little deeper.