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Review: AMD Radeon HD 7850 vs 6850 vs 5850 at same clocks

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 March 2012, 18:14

Tags: AMD (NYSE:AMD), Sapphire

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Benchmarks - Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3 is one of the most popular PC games of the last year and features breathtaking visuals and an absorbing multiplayer component.

One of the most popular games of last year doesn't care about massive tessellation processing or GCN architecture. Venerable HD 5850 jumps straight back into the mix. Truth be told, we're surprised by how well the £110 HD 6850 does here.

Looking at the framerate logs shows the 2GB framebuffer on the HD 7850 to offer little real-world advantage at the 1080p resolution. However, playing the game on this card provides a smoother playing experience that, like when switching to a hyper-threading CPU, provides lushness that's kind of hard to explain with mere numbers alone.