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Review: AMD HD 7950 vs. HD 7970 - at the same clocks

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 February 2012, 09:00


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Benchmarks - Aliens vs. Predator

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Homepage: | Publisher: Sega | Developer: Rebellion Developments

The standalone Aliens vs. Predator benchmark uses DX11 features such as hardware tessellation and advanced shadow sampling to draw and animate everyone's favourite xenomorph.

Radeon HD 7970 faster by 1,920x1,080 2,560x1,600
6.06% 6.61%

The performance difference between same-clocked Radeon HD 7900-series cards is down to just how well the game users the extra 256 processors and 16 texture-units. The model-to-model rise is more significant in our first real-world test. Could we perceive such a difference when watching the benchmark? No.