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AMD Radeon HD 6450 and HD 6670 graphics card review

by Tarinder Sandhu on 19 April 2011, 05:00 3.0


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Radeon HD 6670

AMD's reference HD 6670 is also presented in a half-height form factor. If ever there was an overt indication for not taking this GPU seriously as a gaming card, this is it.

Yet cooling the potential 66W power-draw takes a little more oomph than the HD 6450. The double-height cooler looks a little strange on a half-height card. Partners will be given a free hand to design the cards in whichever form factor and cooling solution takes their fancy.

HTPC buffs will likely appreciate that 66W is within the technical remit for passively-cooled cards, as well.

Outputs, too, will be driven by the retail partners' requirements. AMD plays the all-round game by going for dual-link DVI, VGA (why?) and full-sized DisplayPort v1.2. You'll need what's called a Multi-Stream Transport (MST) hub to pull two signals off the DP port, should running four monitors be the aim.

There's no obvious CrossFireX finger on either the HD 6450 or HD 6670. AMD, however, does support it via the PCIe slots, and a further card can be added and scaled for, AMD says, almost 2x the base performance.