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Review: Scan 3XS SMART pre-overclocked Core i3 530 bundle: 4GHz and counting

by Tarinder Sandhu on 18 March 2010, 23:19

Tags: SCAN

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The enthusiast is a well-loved creature across many industries. Willing to push things to the limit in the name of speed - be it for cars, bikes, PCs - the enthusiast makes a lot of noise, mostly positive, that has a trickle-down effect which pervades the mass market.

Keeping the enthusiast happy is a sensible strategy. This is why AMD has the £550 Radeon HD 5970 graphics card, NVIDIA is making a fuss over the £400+ GeForce GTX 480 GPU, and Intel is luxuriating in the refulgence afforded by the £875 Core i7 980X EE CPU.

But then there's a second tier of enthusiasts, who like the idea of getting more performance from hardware but don't want to get their hands dirty by testing and qualifying overclocked settings.

System integrators and larger PC etailers are now offering pre-overclocked bundles - usually motherboard, CPU, and RAM - to cater for this crowd. Scan has been doing it for a while now, and given the economic climate of late, we take a look at a pre-overclocked Core i3 530 bundle.