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Review: Swiftech QuietPower FS020

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 4 November 2002, 00:00

Tags: Swiftech

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First off, a look at the case that houses the cooling system.

The Case

To borrow a screen capture from the Swiftech website, here's the spec and a picture of what that gives you.

It's no Lian Li or Coolermaster but rather a functional steel case that isn't overly ugly but not exceptionally pretty either. I guess the contents of the case are what matters in this case. The chassis itself (a modified Enlight I think) is well screwed together and integrates the cooling system very well. At the bottom front of the chassis behind the grey square is a single 120mm fan in a cage to provide air intake duties along with the modified side panel which also houses a 120mm fan for intake in the bottom left hand corner of that panel. It's around the same area as where your graphics card will usually sit so if you didn't choose a GPU waterblock as part of your shipping configuration, you'll get cooling benefits from that.

As far as expansion goes, you get 4 external CD-ROM bays, 2 external floppy bays and 2 internal 3.5 inch HDD bays (with a cage option for 2 more which wasn't supplied, you have to specify it).

The two intake fans plus the two 120mm fans on the radiator give you 110 cubic feet per minute on both intake and outlet for a balanced airflow and the fans are very very quiet (34dBA approximately and from first hand experience I have no reason to doubt that).

What about the cooling hardware you get?